Violence, Intervention & Agency Colloquium
October-November 2015

Colloquium events


Gender and Violence

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Early Child Development and Peacebuilding Consortium

10-11 June 2015

A conference and stakeholder meeting was convened in Istanbul, Turley.  This initiative, Turkey, hosted by UNICEF and the Yale-AÇEV Partnership, is creating a platform for global communication and specific partnerships on violence prevention and peace-building.

Men and Families - Parenting Interventions in Conflict Settings

28 October 2014

This workshop was convened by Dr. Catherine Panter-Brick (Yale), Dr. Jeannie Annan (International Rescue Committee), and Dr. Brandon Kohrt (Duke University), with support from the Yale Macmillan Center for International and Area Studies. Scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers met to discuss current research and project evaluations, as well as future collaborative work.

Youth, Conflict & Governance in Africa 
Friday, 28 February and Saturday 1st March, 2014

This workshop is convened to assess how young people are currently changing the nature of governance in Africa. Youth are capitalizing on new mechanisms for interaction: the deregulation of internet, phone, global television, and social media communication has profoundly altered the political terrain. This is especially true in conflict settings, where youth can drive overt political violence. To break new ground, the workshop will integrate analysis across anthropology, media studies and communication, politics and economics, fields that have been working largely in parallel rather than in collaboration.

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